Strategic Business Controller, Aurora Innovation (avslutad)

Aurora Innovation improves patients’ access to healthcare by offering innovative case management systems, which take advantage of most of the currently available, digital communication channels. At the same time, Aurora’s products improve the work environment for the care staff, for whom it is a responsibility to meet the patients’ demand for access.

Together with healthcare providers, Aurora Innovation focuses on patient needs for access and enables tomorrow’s healthcare meetings – today.

Aurora’s 2019 turnover exceeded SEK 100 million and the company has more than 70 employees working at the head office in Uppsala and at the offices in Finland, the Netherlands and Spain.

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Aurora continues growing and seeks to expand the benefit of its products to patients and care staff on additional European markets. Therefore, Aurora is looking for a Strategic Business Controller that will be an essential contributor by helping us to ensure profitability while Aurora ventures along its growth journey.

Digitalization of Health Care

Aurora offers a pleasant, rewarding and interesting work environment with good development opportunities. We are a growing company owned by a dedicated family with a long-term view on corporate development.

You will have a leading and proactive role as strategic support to management across the entire group, including the CEO and CFO, department managers at HQ and abroad, and other key internal and external stakeholders.

Together we are driving the digitalization of health care, and we are proud for our contributions to a better society by helping patients and care staff to communicate in an orderly manner free from frustration, stress and uncertainty.

Key Responsibilities

The objective of Business Control at Aurora is to create value by challenging the company based on analysis from a financial perspective, with the intention to contribute to the company’s strategic business development.

The company strives to increase the scalability of its business operations. As a Strategic Business Controller, you contribute to driving this development by identifying and demonstrating the largest potential for improvement from a financial perspective.

Your role includes revenue analysis. You anticipate the future with a strong focus on the business and market to identify additional revenue potential. You create insights on customer profitability in different segments. Your role also includes cost analysis, and you scrutinize our operational processes in search of hidden inefficiencies and other sources of potential profitability improvements.

Main Tasks

  • Analyze corporate profitability, based on insights from both revenue and cost analysis
  • Suggest improvements in processes and methods, business models and delivery models throughout the company’s operations to ensure benefits from scale
  • Be the process owner for the main strategic processes that use our ERP system Jeeves (above all, but not exclusively, Order-2-Cash). In this role you will be expected to drive improvement, initiate development projects, and act as the Project Owner for these.
  • Contribute to spreading financial awareness and understanding in the organization

Professional Experience and Qualifications

You have, during at least five years, had the opportunity to acquire a holistic view of the possibilities offered by qualified business control. Preferably, you have experience from product businesses and an understanding of what drives scalability. You may have gained this experience from controlling functions at exporting product companies and/or as a management consultant with a similar focus.

It is important that you have a significant interest in strategic business development and experience in working closely to a company’s various functions with responsibility for key operational processes such as sales, delivery, development and support.

You have at least a master’s degree in business management and/or engineering, and you master English fluently.

You have strong analytical and strategic skills, which you apply to gain an excellent understanding of the business and its environment. You can identify needs for change, and you are willing and able to make it happen by aspiring to use your leadership skills. Furthermore, you have excellent communication skills and the ability to explain complex issues in a comprehensive, concrete and distinct way. You are highly motivated, and you have the courage to challenge prevailing methods and business concepts.

Application and Contact

Aurora Innovation is assisted by PM Search AB in this assignment. Please contact Ebba von Schwerin (070 751 09 01, for further information and to apply for the position. We are looking forward to your application, which should consist of a CV and a personal letter, as soon as possible, however no later than February 2, 2020.